Art and the tea room


Art and the tea room

Quotes: by Kakuzo Okakura


The Book of Tea

The tea-room does not pretend to be other than a mere cottage — The
Simplicity and purism of the tea room — Symbolism in the construction of the tea-room — The system of it’s decoration — A sanctuary from the vexations of the outer world.

That the tea-roof should be built to suit some individualistic taste as an enforcement of the vitality in art. Art, to be fully appreciated, must be true to contemporaneous life. It is not that we should seek to enjoy the present more. It is not that we should disregard the creations of the past, but that we should try to assimilate them into out consciousness.

Art is of value only to the extent that it speaks to us — We are destroying art in destroying the beautiful in life. Nothing is more hallowing than the union of kindred spirits in art.

The art of today is what really belongs to us: it is our own reflection. — We need the tea-room more than ever.


compiled by Dave Holmander-Bradford  12-24-2016mile-10a-nrt-old-mill-frankyn

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