Museum Visit Two DeCordova Museum First Semester By Dave Holmander October 26, 2016

Museum Visit Two 

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 David Holmander  at Tuesday, October 25, 2016 4:36:09 PM EDT

Museum Visit Two 
DeCordova Museum 
First Semester 
Dave Holmander  
October 26, 2016 

The occasion for the visit was in concert with a group visit by the first semester MFA Visual program students at NHIA lead by our first semester mentor Craig Stockwell. His work being on exhibition in the “Biennial 2016 Show”. 

The exhibition highlights the work of New England artists and their resent contribution to contemporary art. Among the unique criteria of this show it is by invitation only and to be asked is considered quite an honor. In all fourteen artist were invited for the 2016 display from all the New England States.  

Craig gave us a walk through for his work and you could see that he was very please to have been one the distinguished artist in the exhibition as he should. His work was displayed at one end of a large viewing gallery on a raised section liked to a stage with alcoves on either side. The main work of un-stretched  canvas an installation of two mirrored work on the center wall. In the middle of the installation where pieces which protruded from the wall with some hinged pieces creating a cast shadow and/or imagery of the mirrored work. The most profouned work was in the left alcove and it conveyed a very personal connection. It was done when his daughter was in Egypt during the recent revolution. It is title Leaving Egypt 2011-2014, oil on canvasd 

Other works view where Lamia, 2015 pen and ink with string on antiquarian paper (contrasting side profiles of the same face looking at each other one seemingly mirrored) and Monday or Tuesday 2015, oil, ink and silver wire on linen (imagery form of script marking emblematic Asian origin) both by Jason Noushin. 

A final artist to mention is Cary Smith, Among her works were Shapes #1, 2016 yellow and red-blue boarder and Stripes #3, 2016 with 4 color border, oil on linen. 
The visit was beneficial and informing with wide a variety and contextualized style ranging from traditional New England landscape to abstract and still life. 

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